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Are the trailers built strong ?

A. Universal uses not only the strength of the steel but special design features to make all trailers very strong.

What size steel is the chassis made of ?

A. All the chassis of trailers with  trays over 3600mm long are made with 150x50x3.8mm steel.

What is the angle of the tray at full tip?

A. The trailers are  designed to tilt 53 degrees at full tip. This insures that all material is removed from the tray easily.

Do you supply Australia wide?

A. Yes, Universal Trailers have delivered  trailers to customers in all states and territories of Australia.

The hurdles and drop down sides, are they easy to fit?

A. The unique design Universal has allows the owner to change the configuration of the trailer quickly, safely and without the use of tools.

Is the steel galvanised?

A. All steel is galvanised including the chequer plate which is hot dipped prior to welding.

Do you use LED lights?

A. The side markers, tail lights and number plate light are all LED.


All products made by Universal Initiatives have an emphasis on strength and Universal Trailers are no exception.

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